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EastMeetEast opens the broad range of opportunities to find a partner of Asian descent. It is relevant for Asians who live in English speaking countries and want to get married to someone with the same roots. This actually explains the site’s name, as Asian males and females from the US, Canada, and Europe are the initial target audience of this platform. Today, however, EastMeetEast has expanded the database hugely, and plenty of members of non-Asian origin have joined. They all take a mutual interest in Asian culture and dream of a lovely partner belonging to it.

This dating platform has as many as 700,000 users now, and this number is increasing. The feedback is mainly positive, and there are a lot of success stories EastMeetEast users share. But has the site really made their love happen? What if they just got lucky? And what if it can take ages before you can find something decent? The answers lie in the principles of EastMeetEast’s work. Here, we’ll explain them to you, and you will estimate for yourself whether this site deserves you as their client. Mind that is is not the cheapest one. So, read attentively to assess the price-quality ratio from your perspective.

What One Can Find on EastMeetEast

What One Can Find on EastMeetEast

As it is clear from above, EastMeetEast caters to people seeking Asian partners. It is important to point out that the site doesn’t position itself as a hookup platform. They aim at clients having something more serious in mind. Surely, not every interaction ends up in a marriage, so many users become friends or date.

Interestingly, there are more females than males on EastMeetEast. This can partly be explained by the fact that women don’t pay a penny for EastMeetEast services. Thus, their decision to join is way easier. On the other hand, it increases their competitiveness. Males of all origins are obliged to pay for a subscription, but they get a wider choice of a partner. This is only the case with straight-oriented relationships, of course.

How to sign up EastMeetEast

As it is done almost everywhere today, you can create an account on EastMeetEast by filling a short registration form and giving your email address or by joining with your Facebook account.

Facebook registering takes you two easy steps to proceed. On the other form, those concerned with their privacy often choose an email registration, which appears to be safer in any way. Besides, it will not take you much longer. The form you are to fill out requires the following information:

  • whether you are a man or a woman and a partner of what gender you are seeking
  • your name, — no need to share too much, just enter the first one
  • ethnic background,
  • a zip code. Please, click a corresponding link if you are ‘not in the US.’

After this part is done, all that is left is entering your email address and the password you have chosen to use. Then, upload some photos, which is not a must. But EastMeetEast users are strongly encouraged to do that. A profile with no photo looks suspicious or, at least, unattractive. So, why would you skip this easy step to get more people to like you?

Is It Difficult to Contact EastMeetEast Members?

It depends on several factors. First of all, ladies won’t face difficulties at all. They get all the premium features by default and without paying anything for them. The site implements the ‘girls night’ policy each and every day and round the clock. Why? — men would ask. According to EastMeetEast management, they want to attract more women. Without a considerable percentage of the female audience, they won’t be able to fulfill their goals. But not only men are curious about that. Some women feel a bit insecure because usually, you get what you pay for. And if you don’t pay, what should you expect? Be sure that EastMeetEast cares equally about everyone’s security — that of female users, non-paying male users, and premium male users. The site cares deeply about its reputation, and its pricing policies have nothing to do with their attitude to different types of members.

For males, there are free and paid communication tools. A free user may consider his membership as a trial because he will not be able even to open a message from another person. Its preview is readable, but as soon as you can’t reply to it with anything but a smile, your interaction will hardly be very informative.

Searching for users to contact is not a great challenge for anybody. Upon opening your ‘Search,’ you will see the best matches suggested for you by the site based on the personal information you have shared in your profile. In the right upper corner, you can see the ‘Filters’ tab where you can personalize your search. Every profile in a displayed grid has two buttons ‘Say Hi’ and ‘Smile.’ Both can be used right away. Alternatively, you can open a profile, look through it, and choose either ‘Message’ (for paying users) or ‘Smile.’ But before, check whether this user answers messages often in a special field on their page.

What Are Profiles Like on EastMeetEast?

What Are Profiles Like on EastMeetEast

Profiles are not too detailed, and the fields are really straightforward to fill out. So, it’s not hard to complete it, but some users still fail to do so. EastMeetEast has a particular policy for such cases, too. They simply put half-empty profiles on the very bottom of others’ search, which is very motivating to share the limited information they ask you to share. Just look what you should mention:

  • a one-paragraph section where you tell about yourself,
  • a Personal section. Here, you may indicate your age when you arrived to the country. Proceed with the languages you speak and your educational background, including the name of your college or university. Mention your level of income. Describe your smoking and drinking habits: a simple yes or no will do. Specify your faith and if you have kids. Them answer what’s your height, body type, and marital status. That’s that.
  • in ‘Interests,’ you can enumerate several activities you like,
  • the same with ‘Sports’ — just name what you like playing or doing, and no other details are needed.

It is obvious that completing such a profile will take up to ten minutes. Plus, one should upload a photo and get it approved. Otherwise, they can’t view other user’s photos.

If you think that this information is really scarce to become the foundation for a serious commitment, you might be right. But over the years, EastMeetEast put their stakes on chatting between their users, and they win quite often. The fact that 70,000 of single members have found their love here speaks for itself.

What EastMeetEast Users Have to Say

I come from Beijing, although I left there before I can remember myself. So, for my entire life, I have lived in San Francisco. There had never been any void, and I’ve never missed my culture because my family is with me, and we get along wonderfully.

At the same time, my love life is truly suffering from a lack of time. I work a lot and don’t have the opportunity to go out often. I literally go out of my home just to get to work and, then, in the opposite direction. And I don’t want to spend rare days-off on some blind dates. At some point, I just came to the decision that I needed a dating site and used A LOT of them. Some are too expensive. Others are downright scams. Being Asian, I couldn’t pass by EastMeetEast and loved it. Everything is minimalistic and clear. Everyone is friendly and unbiased. Maybe, this is a bit of a culture issue, but I feel welcomed here. The atmosphere is fantastic, so I’ll stay and wait for a loyal girlfriend to come. I know she will.

Mark, 21.

EastMeetEast Costs

An absolutely free website for women, EastMeetEast has two payment strategies for men. The first one is a classic membership when a user pays for a significant amount of time in advance and can enjoy all the features the site has. EastMeetEast standard and premium memberships can be purchased for one, three, six, or twelve months. A per-month fee naturally gets cheaper when a user pays for a longer time. The one-month standard is $34.99, while the premium one is $49. But one month in a standard yearly plan will cost you only $11.99, and in a premium version, it is $12.99. So, you save a great deal of money when you subscribe for a year, but you also take a lot of responsibility. You can leave any time, of course, but no refund will be granted.

If you want to reduce this responsibility, try out another payment method. EastMeetEast Coins allow one to only pay for the services they use. The site has three coin packages: 1,800, 4,800,and 18,000. If you think that 18 thousand is too many, mind that the ‘prices’ are rather high. Every message you send is 100 coins, for example. While this method gives one more freedom, they will always think of the coins they could have avoided spending.

The only way to pay for EastMeetEast services is with a credit card.

Final Word on EastMeetEast

Originated as a matchmaking site for Asians, EastMeetEast has become so much more. First, they invited people of other origins to join and mingle with Asian users. Additionally, they focused on facilitating dating, serious commitment, and marriages, rather than one-time encounters. This has allowed them to stand out and become a trustable platform people want to stay with. Once you join, you become a part of a strong community and will never feel lonely in your life again.

EastMeetEast prices are upper-moderate, but soon male users understand that this dating experience is worth the money. Ladies use the site out of charge and feel absolutely content with that.